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Vinyasa Flow - Connecting breath to movement as you flow through a sequence that is designed to lengthen and strengthen your muscles at the same time as staying in tune with your body. You choose what you want to take out of this flow - it is your practice.

Prenatal Yoga - A safe environment where you will be encouraged to listen to your own  intuition. Moving in a way that feels good for you, while creating space for your new baby. Growing with the changes in your body, feeling supported as you move through a sequence that is aimed to build stamina, release tension, calm your nervous system and prepare your mind and body for birth. 

Group Yoga
Postnatal Yoga

Mums and Bubs Yoga - A judgement-free zone, that gives you the space to move, feed, change and stretch as you please. This is a time when nurturing the mother is just as important as nurturing the child. Learning how to move with the chaos, make time for you and enhance connections.


Postnatal Yoga - A class designed to focus solely on the needs of a new mother. A time to take care and reconnect with yourself as you find your flow. Every birth is different as is every mother, this class will support you no matter your story, your experience or your goal. While you continue to give your all to your new baby, this is the perfect way to give a little something back to yourself.

Kids Yoga -  I am in the process of creating a 10 week yoga program for kids - specifically for the kindergarten age group. This will include 10 x 30minute sessions over the course of one term, building knowledge and skills as we progress through each week. With a focus on mindfulness and active learning. Children will learn tools to self regulate, become aware of their body and emotions, play-based learning through stories and movement of the whole body for healthy joints and muscles.

If any of the above Yoga teaching styles sound like something you would like to explore, or learn more about the benefits they could bring to your life, private, corporate, group, school or event classes are available here.

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