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2019: The Year to Manifest Your Dreams

What are your dreams for two thousand and nineteen? To travel more, do less, be more present or maybe to conquer a goal you've been working on for a while? This is how I spent my New Years, what 2018 taught me and a challenge for 2019.

'This year I will learn how to handstand'

I hope you welcomed the New Year with positive vibes and great intentions for the year ahead. I spent the week between Christmas and New Year up north on the coast of Bundaberg with family. Lucas’ parents live there and we camped in their backyard by the creek, with only a 10 minute drive to beach - pure heaven.

Besides the sandflies it was an amazing little get away to help me unwind and recharge. I had time to read my book, swim in the salty water and nap when I felt like it. It also gave me the time to reflect on the year that was. 2018 was a year of personal growth - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I began my journey as a yoga teacher, I learnt how to love myself for exactly who I am, my relationship was tested and came out stronger than ever, I left my comfort zone more times than I could count, I felt feelings I didn’t know existed, made connections with people, celebrated the highs with the lows, and most importantly I grew as a person.

2018 was the year of change, 2019 is the year to manifest your dreams. To truly embrace life and all that it has to offer - the good, the bad and the remarkable. Welcome the changes, take time to notice the small things, realise your potential, believe in yourself, let your failures become your wisdom, be humbled by your success, eat good food, take care of yourself, detach from the negativity and create space for yourself to blossom. This year can be anything you want it to be.

' Take a deep breath. Get present in the moment and ask yourself what is important this very second.' - Gregory McKeown

Time is moving ridiculously quickly, I mean the people born in the year 2000 are 19 years old this year (I'm sorry, what?!). We simply don’t have the time to wish our days away, so this year I challenge you to make the most of them. Appreciate the guy who let you merge in front of him during peak hour, or the lady who smiled at you as you walked by, maybe you have three healthy children because you have the ability to care for them or maybe you have the ability to look after yourself, that in itself is enough to be grateful for. Whatever it may be, when you find the good in each day, good things will happen.

Try this:

Find a notepad and write down 5 things you appreciate and 5 things you love about yourself (I know you have a great butt but go a little deeper). Read these every morning for the month of January and notice how your attitude for the day changes. Let me know how you go.

Three things to take with you from this post – Act on your dreams, find gratitude and take care of yourself, because you are worth it.

Love Han, xx


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