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Hi, I'm Han - a qualified 200hr yoga teacher, pre and post-natal yoga teacher, lover of the ocean, food enthusiast and promoter of wellbeing and a stress-free lifestyle.

I first found yoga when I was a university student about eight years ago. Yoga has since taught me to be present, enjoy the moment and to always listen to my body. Our bodies do so much for us, so it's nice to give a little back to them.


My goal is to make yoga accessible to everyone and every body. To me, Yoga is about how you feel not what you look like. Tuning in and creating a healthy relationship with yourself, by slowing down and taking a step back from this fast-paced lifestyle, that has somehow become the norm.

I believe in community - there is always something we can learn, grow and share from each other, so please get in touch with me here for any collaborations, workshops or teaching opportunities.


Casual deep chats about life are also welcomed and encouraged, so feel free to contact me about anything!


Han xx 

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